Pittsburgh Pokemon Go (and more)
Three Teams, One Dream:  Have Fun, Make Friends and Play Games
About Team Firestorm

Connecting Players

Team Firestorm has one goal - to have fun, make friends, and get out from behind our phones!  We're open to all players, all levels, all teams - and we even play games other than Pokemon Go.

With over four years connecting Pokemon Go Players in Pittsburgh, we consider ourselves to be the largest social network in the region centered around Pokemon Go.

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Pittsburgh Pokemon Go Players from Team Firestorm Celebrate Community Day

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Pittsburgh Pokemon Go Players visiting Chicago for Go Fest 2019
Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Get out from behind the phone

Our team works hard to create an inclusive environment that encourages all of our gaming friends to get out from behind their phones and form genuine friendships.

We accomplish this by hosting Pokemon Go focused events  where people have an excuse to meet up and connect without the phones in the way.

Upcoming Team Firestorm Events

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